20c Levy on Disposables 

What if halfway through the season 2 finale of Bridgerton, there’s complete blackness. Blank screen. Power gone. ‘WTF!’ There’s no more power left because it has to be rationed. Because we couldn’t stop burning through fossil fuels in order to have our coffees from the coffee shops. The government have decided this can’t happen. We need our coffee. And our Bridgerton.

So they’ve decided to introduce a 20c coffee cup levy in Ireland on anyone not using a reusable coffee cup, in the hope that everyone will start using reusables. In turn this will reduce the amount of energy required to keep coffee drinkers sated.20c may not sound a lot but we’re optimistic about this – look what happened with a 5c levy on plastic bags in supermarkets. These days over 90% of shoppers bring their own bags. This is clearly good news for Mother Reusables and the planet but is it good news for the customer? Well, yes it is. The average consumer drinks 3 cups of coffee a day here in Ireland.

That is 60c a day you could be saving. A Mother Reusable Coffee Cup is €35. That’s only 58 days before you’ve recouped the purchase cost. Once you’re past 58 days you’re then saving money. And saving the planet. And looking stylish.