About Mother

At mother we don’t sacrifice style for sustainability.
Doing good for the planet is sexy, stylish and design-led. Not a harem pant in sight. That’s why our artist-designed reusables are joyful, luxe and completely unique.

Did we mention mother was born and raised in Ireland? We work with Irish creatives, writers and techies and are proud to be Irish.
We partner with some of the world’s most exciting artists to bring you jealous stares, sneaky glances and general envy on the regular. 

We all know the deal when it comes to reusables. Less plastic in landfill, gloriously hot coffee and refreshingly cool water. But our bottles are also made from 100% recycled materials, completely recyclable and delivered with carbon neutral shipping.

mother nature inspires our name and our designs so we’re also proud partners of the Eden Reforestation Project, supporting the employment of some of the world's poorest people to replant areas most devastated by deforestation. Every bottle sold means a new tree planted.