Covid-19 Prevention Policy

We are taking responsibility to ensure our team are kept safe at work, ensuring that the principles of social distancing, routine hygiene and cleaning policies are observed throughout our supply chain.

Our Core Team

Our core team work together virtually across a number of cities throughout Europe and Asia. We have given each of our team members official guidance and are in regular contact about their health and safety whilst working. 

Our Factory & Warehouse

We have worked closely with our manufacturing and distribution partners to ensure that their workers - who are working on our behalf - are also kept safe at work. Each of our partners are maintaining strict social distancing in the workplace and are following strict hygiene guidelines. 

Contactless Delivery

We have chosen delivery partners in each market based on their ability to offer contactless delivery insofar as this is possible.  

Shipping Delays

The one unavoidable impact of COVID-19 on our offering right now is longer delivery times. Like many other businesses, we are experiencing delays that we expect to diminish in the second half of 2020. We appreciate you bearing with us as we navigate these challenges and thank you for your patience.