Our Green Commitments

We get that life is credit / debit and we are making sure that we apply that rule to what we do so you feel good about choosing to buy from our store. 


Plant Trees, Provide Jobs. Every time you make a purchase in our store, we will plant a tree for you in regions most affected by severe deforestation, such as Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, and Kenya. How? We partner with the awesome Eden Reforestation Projects to reforest and support the employment of local workers to plant trees, reducing slavery and alleviating extreme poverty through environmental stewardship. Check out Eden’s awesome work for yourself on their YouTube channel.

Recycled & recyclable Packaging. We try to use as little material as possible getting your bottle to you in good shape. Our gift boxes (that come as standard with every purchase) are made of recycled and recyclable paper and protect your bottle on its way. Our outer shipping materials are also made from reused card. 

Carbon Neutral Shipping. On top of our commitment to the Eden Reforestation Project, we further ensure that we offset all the CO2 emissions that your shipment produces specifically to have a net impact of 0. We fund the Jarí Para REDD+ Avoided Unplanned Deforestation project with Pachama, a Verified Carbon Standard certified project that will be verified by Pachama using their monitoring technology.